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Rigid Board coated with Collodial Graphite

Colloidal Graphite Coating is water based, resin bonded, suspension with a thermosetting binder designed to be applied by spray, brush or dip to our graphite rigid boards. The viscosity can be easily adjusted by adding small amounts of water. For optimum results we recommend several layers of coating be applied. When properly applied and cured, the coating will maintain a bond at temperatures above 3600F in neutral or reducing atmospheres. Preparation and application information is available upon customer request.

Distinctive Characteristics:

  • High reflectivity
  • Increased surface hardness
  • Protective barrier against operational gasses and atmospheres
  • Reduced particle generation
  • Easily applied in field, at customer's facility or at ours
  • Available in 1 and 5 gallon pails or 20 and 50 gallon drums